Friday, October 4, 2019

Safely Home

 I had a long day of travel yesterday
which meant I had a long time to finish the leg of the second sock!
 By the time we arrived in the car at the parking lot, 
the moon was up and so were the temperatures!
(we almost had a lost bag but it was only in an unusual place....
(heart beat was sped up for a few!)
 But I had a pair of socks by the time I had landed.
The sock yarn was done well because the two socks are an exact match!  Yay!
These are size 8-9 ladies socks with a long leg.
Comfort Sock Yarn by Berroco, 1 skein
Size 2.5mm needles

A great non-wool yarn to use for socks!


  1. Yay for a new pair of beautiful socks. Yay for a not lost bag! Welcome home!

  2. Woo hoo for the sock finish! The matchy thing worked out perfectly. I can imagine it wasn't easy with that yarn.

  3. Glad you were able to make use of the time! (And that your bag wasn't lost! yikes!!!)
    Socks look fabulous!

  4. Welcome Home! Those are some beautiful socks. I love the colors. I'm so glad your bag wasn't lost. It has happened to me twice, thankfully on the way home both times where I have more clothes. I'm always afraid it will happen on my way somewhere and I'll have no clothes and have to figure out how to get my bag when it does show up.

  5. ❤️ the socks and their matching stripes! Glad you got home safely with all your luggage.

  6. great finish on the socks! It is so good to have knitting for the stress of traveling.


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