Saturday, October 5, 2019

FlitExpert, that's me!

 I eased into my role at home;
I finished the second garter lace dishcloth.
 I sorted a jelly roll from my Mom;
I'm not sure what pattern I will sew with it yet.
Several ideas are percolating, one of which I have wanted to do for some time
 but I need some yardage of white to make it work.
These orphan crocheted blocks were given a good press and I will use them for little doilies;
my grandmother made these particular ones!  I used her own #9 steel hook to weave in ends!

I hope to tackle some lace on the knitting machine today-here's to patience and progress!


  1. Were you and I dishrag tag partners in a swap? I recognize those amazing cloths with the lace on the edge. I LOVED them?!

  2. That jelly roll brought tears to my eyes. Daddio used one just like that to make a quilt for his lady friend years ago. I finished quilting it after he passed and took it to her and she was overcome with emotion. It's a beautiful collection of material.

  3. Looks like you made a very good start back at home.

  4. Such pretty projects. I think those lace edged dishcloths are beautiful and how neat that you have the little squares that your Grandma made. Heirlooms for sure.

  5. Crochet doilies make my heart sing. I have a few that I still use. I'm glad you plan to use your grandmother's blocks.


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