Sunday, October 13, 2019

Borders and Racing Stripes!

 I really dug deeply and found some vintage fabric in my stash for the borders on the corrected quilt.
I know it is vintage easily by the print and most importantly, the width-36"!
It matches perfectly, at any rate.
I'm building up quite a pile of quilts that need backings!
I need to plan a run to the fabric store soon!
And then I tried an idea one of the ladies at quilting group used to make a t-shirt fit better;
she added racing stripes down the side seams!
This is an easy fix to add width to a great shirt so it lays better-everywhere!
(open side seams, add the 2 1/2" strips to the sides-making sure the hem is opened 
and that you keep the sides even at the top and bottom so your fabric won't pull cattywampus.  
I used my serger for easy seaming but she just used a zig zag. so either will work.
  It pressed flat and lays great!)

What a better fit--I had bought them in the size I always buy....and they were way too form-fitting.
It irked me because they should've fit.  
Well, now they do!


  1. I hate buying tee shirts for that very reason. Who wants a shirt that sticks to you? Everything is made for stick thin 20 year olds. It's so depressing to shop for clothes anymore.

  2. Clever fix for the shirts. I prefer loose clothing and refuse to wear fabric that clings because I'm constantly tugging at it.

  3. Perfect borders. And smart idea on the t-shirts!

  4. That is a great idea. I detest clothes shopping. I bought a t-shirt last week that was in my usual size. I "tried" to put it on but there was no way. How disappointing. It will be returned tomorrow and I won't be buying another one.

  5. That’s a great idea. I don’t think most women’s clothing off the rack truly fits any woman on the planet!

  6. PS — love those vintage fabrics!

  7. Another reason I need a serger!! The current fit is more negative ease than the past, so that is the issue. Drives me crazy trying to figure out which shirt size to buy nowadays!


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