Thursday, October 17, 2019

Full of Potential

 I have the blocks done for the lap quilt.
and enough done for another layout of a different design from this jelly roll.
 I also have a ton of cereus blooms about to burst into their twilight glory!
Two different plants are raring to go--tonight will be the night!
The plant is reallly mature now because the blooms are even full of potential during the day!


  1. That quilt looks so happy! Love all of the color. I don't think I've ever seen a plant like that. It only blooms at night? Once? I hope you get pictures.

  2. Cereus smell SO good. Hope you get plenty of blooms to enjoy this year.

  3. Oh, all those blocks are so pretty together! Looking forward to seeing the other blocks in the other layout! xx

  4. That is one happy plant - enjoy the blooms and their fragrance.

  5. How fun to wait for those blooms to open. Happy viewing!


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