Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Piecing FO's

 Before I began my sparkly piecing, I thought I'd finish up the pastels from last week!
I added the leftover strips around the outside for a border but then I was ONE piece short!
So I improvised with a bit of white for cornerstones and side interests!
Another top done! 
I then moved onto the other pastel quilt from the jelly roll and
put this one together, too.
I don't have any backing for these two quilts so I will have to put them
at the bottom of the pile of tops waiting to be loaded on the frame!
I need to get upright and stitch! 
 But at last I sewed three strips together and cut them up into 6 1/2' blocks.  
I am not committing to any pattern until all of the blocks are cut up for this one (two?) quilt.
I could add a dark pine green to make a lovely Christmas quilt
a deep navy for a patriotic one....
It's nice to have some delicious choices!
I will be sewing several more strips together today---
in between bouts of ripping out and reknitting for that top down raglan sweater! lol


  1. You're making great progress with the jelly roll quilts. I hope that means you're feeling better.

  2. So many pretty tops!!! That red one is so pretty. Did you see that Connecting Threads has two all red collections now. I would love an all red quilt top but I can't add one more thing to the pile. Lol...

  3. Oooooooo...lots of prettiness on your blog today. Can't wait to see if you choose green or blue.

  4. Both tops are great and I love the sparkly one. My vote would be blue for patriotic since it could be enjoyed year round.

  5. Hmmm, Christmas or patriotic...those are both good choices! Of course, you could always add pink for a Valentine quilt... 😁

  6. Looks like you are getting things done, despite being less than vertical.

  7. Your quilts are so wonderful. Good luck with the finishes.


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