Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Teeny Needle Tuesday

I am still working my way through my pillowcase for Mom.
How very relaxing it is!  
This vintage needle case is assisting my stitching.
How nice to have the connection to previous generations as I work with the needle today.
The supplies inside now, are still what is needed to save that "Stitch in Time" !


  1. The stitching case is a treasure. Love the pillowcase you're embroidering. I still use some that my Mom stitched.

  2. Oh your pillow case is making me all nostalgic! When I was about 8 years old, a great aunt died. My grandparents cleaned out her house and we got a fair bit of it. We got some beautiful embroidered pillow cases and 8-year-old me thought they were just the most beautiful things.
    I think yours might even be lovelier!

  3. That is a beautiful pillowcase. I would love to find the time to do more embroidery. Maybe after the holidays. I think the needlecase is absolutely wonderful. I had my Mom's sewing box that I gave to Mandy, but no needlecase. I have been looking at them online for myself but an inherited one is a treasure for sure.

  4. Your pillowcase is just beautiful! I love the little case. I was just on Etsy looking at needle minders since I keep losing mine. I had no idea until I started watching Floss Tube that there were actual things to put your needles on and in.

  5. I love old containers!! OK, I love new containers!! LOL

  6. How cool to have those family containers. I admire all stitchers!


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