Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Take Thisi!!!

 I had a good time sewing the strips together and then cutting them into 6 1/2" blocks.
I haven't organized the different colors into their final arrangement
but I did put them up to see how big I wanted to make the layout.
The sparkly doesn't show here but I will share a close-up when I have them all sewn.
 And on the knitting front, I am making dishcloths like a fiend.
I ran out of the blue , which is Peaches & Creme Stripey, so I will pick up another skein tomorrow.
I wish I could get two from a skein like I did from the new Lion Brand cotton, Re-Up.
(My Wal-Mart is not going to carry Peaches & Creme anymore so I need to get the
blue before they run out like they did the pink!
I found the right color, Energetic Pink, from Amazon and from Etsy, 
but I refuse to pay the price-$13 for two skeins!  Yikes!
I will finish the pink with white rather than pay that price!)
I thought I would share a warped kind of funny with you;  this came in the mail for me!!!!
(I don't disparage flu shots, only my body's reaction to it this time!)


  1. Walmart has really reduced their yarn dept. here too. They used to have a decent selection of cotton and stripy acrylic for dog sweaters but not any more.

  2. Walmart has reduced the fabric they sell to mostly solids, which I rarely use. $13 is an outrageous price for two skeins plus shipping, of course.

  3. Haven't had a flu shot since we were newly married, and we both ended up feeling horrible. I have not had the flu, knock on wood, in all that time. 27 years this past May.

  4. I feel the same about Walmarts yarn selection recently. Luckily, both Michaels and Hobby Lobby are even closer than Walmart to me and they both have great yarn.
    I feel the same about the flu shot this year. I still feel kind of yucky, although today it could be from the botox injections I had yesterday. It's always something isn't it?

  5. Lovely projects!

    I've never gotten the flu short, but I got hit with the flu bad last year, so this year I'm sucking it up. (I hate needles). Both Dave and I need to be careful - his Grandma and my Dad are have low-immunity, and we don't want to pass anything on.

  6. I ALWAYS get a flu shot. I had to postpone this year due to having a cold virus. But as soon as I can I'll be getting mine. . Fireman was very glad he had his flu shot because he took a flight this weekend and a ten year old vomited all over the entry way to the plane. Yuck.

  7. I got my first flu shot this year but then got ill two days later and had to miss work. I was not happy but still it is better than being sick for a week.


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