Sunday, December 29, 2019

A Few or Many

 This newborn's knit hat required 94 needles on the knitting machine.
I used some of WanderingCats' sparkly sock yarn-I've lost the label, sorry,
but the hat looks like it has been sprinkled with fairy dust!
This is for a new baby at church! 
 I didn't put a pom-pom on it-always a question mark for me but for newborns, 
I tend to leave the top as is.
I used a folded hem with K2, yo for the folding row so there are little picots across the fold.
I'm just careful that the gathering at the top leaves NO hole!
And I am still knitting the garterlac dishcloths out of the LionBrand yarn, Re-Up on #6 needles.
24 stitches or 'needles' is all for this project!

I am clearing my palate before I start one or two sweaters in January-I want texture!!!!
I have a Fisherman Knit and a Guernsey picked out!  More to come later!


  1. What a cute hat! I am all excited about making sweaters now myself. I need to stay away from podcasts and Ravelry because I am at the point where I haven't any room for anymore. Giving away sweaters isn't as easy as giving away socks.

  2. Twinkle Cat! The colour is fairy something.... but I can't remember what... maybe Fairy Garden...?

  3. Such a sweet color for a new baby!

    I'm doing what you are ....clearing the needles for the new year's cast on.

  4. That is such a sweet little hat. I know that the new baby's parents will appreciate it and the yarn is so pretty. Love the sparkles.

  5. Love the sweet hat and still am loving those amazing gray dishcloths. They are beautiful!

  6. Always fun to have a good excuse for a baby hat! The dishcloths are pretty, too.

  7. Darling darling baby hat. No need for a pom


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