Saturday, December 21, 2019

Look at Her Work!

I woke up my color senses yesterday
with an exercise in the pattern, Trip Around the World, lay out.
These are donated squares passed on to me!
I will turn them into a quilt in no time!
 I loaded on the top made from squares my Grandmother and her friend made
 In no time I had the quilting done 
and then the quilting.
(40 x 56"  of fabric from the 50'2 and 60's, all hand pieced.)

 I couldn't let that frame go empty so I loaded the peppermint candy quilt top 
and began the quilting!
Wait until you see the backing I used!
 I am using free motion straight line quilting for a more modern look for this quilt.
 And I mangaged to cast on and knit 14 rows to rework for ribbing, K1, P1.
The rest of the back will fly in comparison to the ribbing!
(you have to unravel every other needle and latch up the ladder to be able to do a purl stitch)
I have gotten coordinated from practice at this and it moves right along now-it's still faster than hand knitting.  I am thinking of putting a cable down the length of the sleeves on this raglan!
These cables, too, have to be hand worked but it will be fun to do, perhaps!
And I closed out a \my day with this garterlac dishcloth, knit with Re-up cotton from LionBrand.


  1. Whoa....look at all those quilts-each one as pretty as the next!

  2. You made lots of progress today. I just knitted on a sweater for a great-niece. Eight hours of work and only 4 inches done on the back with size 4 needles. Slow work for sure. I have two of these sweaters to make and then two of a different pattern. I know what I'll be doing for awhile.

  3. Looks like you have had fun! Oh I envy you that long arm, maybe someday I will have one!


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