Monday, December 16, 2019

Beautiful Plants

 Beautiful and subtle-these leaves that turn pink are actually the 'bloom' for these plants!
 The poinsettia are just beginning to turn color for their seasonal flowers!
 The bromeliad  do their blooming centers throughout the year!
And the pencil cactus tips turn a coral color that is very pretty!
I hope you are blooming where you are today!
I'm off to quilt group!
And here is a pic of Bill and I with some of our grands !


  1. It has been the darkest, wettest dreariest December that I can remember. I could use some of those blooms right now. For the first time in my life I get why people pack up and go south in the winter!

  2. No blooming here, but the sun is out at least, which helps! It's cold though - and I miss my garden. Thanks for sharing yours!

  3. Nothing blooming here except for poinsettias from the grocery store. Love the photo with the Grands.

  4. I can't imagine having blooming things outdoors this time of year. Oh how I wish I were a snowbird! The photo of you and your grandchildren is wonderful. I'm so happy you have them so near.

  5. Cute photo of you and the grands.

    Orchids ....2 out of 3 starting to send up bloom stalks.

  6. Your colors are always so enjoyable at this time of year, when the rest of us are settling into winter neutrals! Thanks for sharing!


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