Friday, December 27, 2019

December Blooms

 I found these two children's folding chairs at a yard sale but one had a bit of a handicap....
 I quilted a back for this one and I like it so well, I am going to make one for the yellow chair, too!
 We have had the white camellias out since the end of October.
 But the red double bloom bush was slow to open up this year.
 The 3" of rain we had this past week, caused the bushes to explode with blooms!  This blossom is about 8" across--oh, if only they smelled as good as they look!
We have about seven bushes of camellias but only these three kinds of flowers;  I am ready to plant some new ones .
I will research my options!  
 And nothing says December like a Christmas Cactus or two or 5!
 These two are the oldest plants that are 40+ years old.
 This one is only 5 years old!
 These are blooming for their second Christmas-a pink and
 a light blush of a white!  I started this one from a single lobe a friend gave me a few years ago.
 Oh, how could I not include my own held over poinsettias!  They are a bit behind the greenhouse
cousins but they are going to last a long time!
And not to be left out-the beautiful red tai plant is doing its own particular flower!  
The reds have it in the yard right now!
(the reds almost always have the most!)


  1. I think I live in the wrong country:) nothing in flower here, not the camellias (red and blush pink), not the christmas cactus, not even the hyazinths that I bought as bulbs to get some colour (and scent) for christmas! everything is very late - no wonder, in the damp and grey weather we've been having. I had to buy some yarn in "dahlia" colours for a CAL in january, to get my fix of bright!
    enjoy the blooms, I just have to wait a while longer....

  2. Love the red chair makeover - a clever save! So nice to see all of your beautiful blooming plants.

  3. The chairs are adorable. I love little chairs.
    My Camellias are full of buds. I hope that means an early spring. Mother Nature has been cruel the last few years and warmed up enough to force a bloom and then froze all the blossoms off. I hope she behave and plays fair this year. It's been such a dreary winter so far. It's been so wet and dark.

  4. What a great idea! Gives it new life. And Bill's sweater is perfect! Great job.

  5. Nice save on the chairs!
    I did get myself a pretty peachy/red poinsettia... now to see if I can keep it going!

  6. That is a great save on the chair. Flowers! I just came in from shoveling snow. Everything is white around here. Bleh! I'll just have to return to this post over and over again when I need to see beautiful flowers. They're stunning!

  7. Oh your flowers will see me through our next snow. WE won't have such blossoms for months!! I love when my blog pals show their warm weather blossoms

  8. Lots of beautiful color at your house.

    All THREE of my orchids are going to bloom this year. They are just teeny bloom stems right now. I'm guessing I'll have flowers around February. I have no idea what color one of them is. One is white and one is yellow. #3 --- no clue.

  9. Your flowers are gorgeous. My Christmas Cactus bloomed just in time for the holiday. Have a wonderful weekend.


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