Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Closing out 2019

 This morning, Bill and I headed out for an early day visit to the boys and their dad.
The beautiful St Johns River shone in the sunshine-yes, Sunshine!
  We have had 13 days of grey and the sunshine was so invigorating!

Since I am between meaty knitting projects,
I took two knitting miscalculations to work on!
I found that the two mitts I made on the knitting machine
were the same from the beginning of the wrist up
the ribbing at the wrist was 3 rows different!
So, I snipped and unraveled the rows and bound off the live stitches so I have a matching pair!
I also didn't like this CoBoo sweater when I wore it one day;
the folded hem just wasn't at the right mark on my hip.
I ripped out the stitches to fold the hem up, 
added 2 1/2" of rib to the front and back separately
leaving a slit on each side seam.
This is a really nice way to avoid the 'hug' under a rounded belly!
Now to decide if I want to add rib to the sleeves, too.......

I hope you filled this last day of 2019 with love.


  1. Good for you fixing the pieces so they're something you'll actually wear and use. We have had lots of gray days too and last night and today about 7 inches of snow. Not good for the partiers tonight. I'm glad I'm staying home.
    Happy New Year!

  2. I love the tunic look you got with that sweater. All of sudden I've discovered the comfort and warmth of leggings and now I can't find a thing to wear with them that covers what I need covered.

  3. It's been dreary here, too, and more of the same today. It's satisfying to fix/finish projects before the new year.

  4. Love the sweater, it sounds like a perfect fix.


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