Friday, December 13, 2019


Nyki and I are wrapping presents and singing Christmas songs;
I'm feeling well,
I have a list of things to accomplish 
(the list will keep me focused)
and no where I have to be except for home!
What a delight!

The weather has been all over the place-
sunny and 80 and then grey and 60!

At least the Camellias and Christmas Cacti are merrily doing their thing!

My backyard is full of trilling/chattering robins
and I hear them from the open patio doors.
Now that is beautiful music to work with!
I have completely ripped out the cloche
and am revamping the pattern
now that I know what the skeleton should look like!
                                                      I'm much happier with the hat now!
With that conquered, I started Bill's sweater!
This is top down-so it is the two triangles
on either side of the v-neck front 
with the band connecting them!
The time consuming fussy part is over-
clear knitting ahead!


  1. A cat in a box! What a cutie. I thought the cloche looked fine, but I'm glad if you've figured out what you want to do!! Have a great weekend.

  2. Someone will be thrilled with their "new" kitty!! LOL. Looks like you have wonderful plans to fill your day.

  3. Enjoy your day. I look forward to days at home and the opportunity to putter.

  4. Cats do love a good box! Love the revamped hat. So chic!

  5. Gosh, I thought the hat looked beautiful before. I can't wait to see your improvements. I wish I could have the patio door open. We would freeze to death! I long to be a snowbird someday. :-)
    Enjoy your day at home and don't accidentally mail a kitty. Ha!

  6. Nyki sure is a beautiful girl.

    I remember one time we were in Green Cove Springs and the yards were wall to wall robins!

  7. Oh boy. You frogged the first cloche? I loved it. But you are the boss of your knitting ! Good for you

  8. Enjoy the robins! I love when the yard is full of bird noises. The hat is pretty!

  9. I am a list maker too. It definitely helps, especially when you not only have multiple projects, but multiple crafts!


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