Friday, December 20, 2019

Work at Home

 I loaded up the sweater to add the sleeves yesterday when we finished errands;
I will finish the cuff and knit the other sleeve today, is the plan!
I also finished the quilt on the frame;
today I hope to bind this and load up the next one for quilting!
 I finished the last mile row of k2, p2 ribbing
on Bill's socks ;
they look disproportional but that's his foot--large feet and skinny ankles!
But guess what?
They fit!
Isn't this a pretty staging?!


  1. Hooray for new “Grandma socks” during the winter months! Nothing like a pair of socks that fit perfectly...a rare occasion for those of us with big feet! :)

  2. Wow...those are some crazy feet! It's so nice when they fit. I am still slogging through The Mister's Christmas socks. I just turned the heel on the last one and I'm going to have to throw myself a party when it's done. Lol...

  3. Love the photo of the finished socks and the tree!

  4. Love those socks. You chose a perfect setting to photograph them. :-) . Isn't it funny how strange they look and then you put them on feet and presto! They look perfect. I'm sure he's happy with them.

  5. that's the great thing about making stuff ourselves - we can make them fit, no matter how unusual the size might be! and it looks very cozy with the tree in the background:)


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