Monday, December 23, 2019

Slow Down

 My birthday poinsettia;
we will be planting it outside after winter passes.
 We had a lot of rain last night-may it be our only winter precipitation!

 Since there is no quilting group meeting today, I will be piecing/quilting from home.
I washed up the three I had finished over the weekend.
Look at this crinkly wonderfulness!
This one will be on display in the April quilt show in town.
They have an entry for "finishing an old top and turning it into a quilt."
There is another one I will be making for this entry, too. 
But that one is for January of 2020!


  1. Love that crinkly/wrinkly top! So pretty. Happy Holidays to you - Enjoy!!

  2. That quilt makes me want to take a nap! It looks so soft and comfy.

  3. I'm jealous that you can put your poinsettias out in your garden. I managed to keep one alive for six months (as soon as it was warm enough, she went out on the patio). But then I left her out in a rainstorm and she drowned :( Maybe I'll pick one up before we head to Dave's grandma's tomorrow and try agian

  4. I love crinkly quilts. That's just how my Grandma's quilts were and I loved them. How neat that you can plant poinsettias outside. They would never survive here.
    Enjoy your quiet day quilting at home my friend.

  5. It's not a quilt until it has an official crinkled look after laundering. I love that look!


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