Friday, December 6, 2019

HST Block School

 We took another trip to Daytona today,
it was a beautiful crisp Fall day for us--see, 
December has the best autumnal color for us!
 This is what I learned today;
when you work with directional fabric, 
you have to understand some basic cutting rules.

Sewing blindly along will result in this unhappy situation--see how the writing isn't horizontal
as the rest of the blocks are?
I couldn't understand why I had so many blocks of one direction and so few of the other.
 I had assumed that when I drew my lines and sewed and cut, 
I would have two opposite blocks---I don't,
I have two of the SAME blocks.
 Even though these LOOK like they are opposite, 
when I rotate them 180* I have two identical blocks!
Anyone who has sewn these for pinwheel blocks, can sympathize
when they have one HST that just won't work no matter how many times they turn it! lol
I folded the square and looked at the differences and discovered I had to sew 
the blocks with the diagonal in this direction;
 I would get enough of the blocks I needed.
Now I can get the stitch directional prints
and produce the blocks I need with some determined stitching!


  1. My sunflower block is that way. I have to pay close attention to where things are lined up or I get them all going the wrong way. I still have to have the pattern right in front of me for reference or I'll end up with squares I can't use.

  2. Glad you got to see some beautiful fall color.

  3. I ran into that problem with the Milky Way quilt and the stripes - I had to be very careful to get them all going the same way.

  4. Been there and done that more times than I can count. I never seen to learn the lesson. . .

  5. Wow! The fall color is amazing to me. Ours has been gone for a couple of months now and we're into the dreary browns and grays of winter.
    You can tell I'm not a true quilter because that still doesn't make sense to me. Ha!

  6. I love the dress redo! And I hear you on the directional HSTs, I always forget and sew willy nilly!!

  7. Exciting to conquer a piecing conundrum! As for your beautiful fall color, most people up north — including us, before we lived in (and love) the south — think that they aren’t seasons and seasonal changes. It has been fun to learn that there are definite seasons and even clear seasonal changes; they are just a little more subtle, and on a different time-table, than they are up north. It has been a joy to learn them!


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