Saturday, December 21, 2019

Will You Still Feed Me?

....When I'm 64?*

I enjoyed a wonderful birthday yesterday doing what I enjoy,
at home, 
in my studio!

From Bill I received yarn, chocolate, jewelry and flowers!
What more can you ask for?!
 I began the day finishing the sleeve on Bill's sweaters
 and tracked Bill down for a try on 
immediately saw that the sweater was way too small.
I made several mistakes on the sizing--I forgot the cardinal rule of ease--giving yourself room to move!  And I goofed on figuring the stitch count--my rows were spot on 
and the length of the body and of the sleeve was perfect
 but the 'around' wasn't 'round' enough!
I decided I needed to walk away for awhile!
I knew the inevitable was coming but I couldn't do it right away!
So I went to the quilting frame and finished one quilt
then immediately loaded the second.
In nothing flat,
it was time to take them both to the sewing machine for binding
and voila!
Two successes outweigh the one loss for the day!

I did unravel the whole sweater at day's end.
It was a good time to reflect on life.
Then I redid my math and allowed for ease.
I'm ready to start to knit that sweater-again!

*did you note the Beatles' song reference?  
64 Sounded so old back in the olden days......


  1. Happy birthday!!! Too bad about the sweater but it does look great.
    I did pick up on the Beatles right away since I passed that milestone myself not too long ago.

  2. Happy Birthday! Nothing like time to change our perspective of age.

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Too bad about the sweater, but at leasr yarn is re-usable!

  4. OH I would not have been happy about unraveling that. You are so good to carry on

  5. Well that stinks! But at least with knitting it can be redone, not so with sewing!

  6. Yep. Got the Beatles reference right away. Happy Birthday! Too bad about the sweater but, just think if you had hand-knitted that entire sweater. Oh boy! That would have been a disaster. Now you get to play with your machine again. Positive thoughts my friend. :-)
    Oh, and those quilts are absolutely gorgeous.


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