Monday, December 30, 2019

With Friends

I had fun at quilting group this morning;
I worked on this sewing machine mat.
I saw it a long time ago 
but I am ready to make it
for my machine at our group sewing.
What are you up to today?
 Might I say you need to stop and take note of the beauty around you.
And enjoy whomever stops by for a visit!


  1. Beautiful mat. You're right. We should appreciate the beauty around us but right now unless the snow is falling everything is brown. :-) . I would much rather have your beautiful trees.

  2. I managed to get two quilt backs prepared this morning, and then somehow I stressed my right wrist. I was going to cut fabric for a couple of QOV, but it hurts to even hold the rotary cutter.

  3. I never heard of a mat like that before. I had to go see what it was all about and it really is cool. I was just getting my sewing mojo back and now I'm stuck here with no machine. Two more days.....

  4. Oh that mat is beautiful. We have fresh snowball. It is charming me. The cardinals against the snow, the chickadees, and downy woodpeckers are all very busy eating the seeds I just put out. I'll be headed to the barn soon and the sight of horses in the snow is just spectacular. Always

  5. What a cute mat that will be! I've been using a mini quilt under mine, but I need to make one that fits my table and machine. Now to find the right pattern.


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