Tuesday, December 24, 2019

From Russia with Love!

 A few months ago, my daughter and her family took a trip to visit their missionary in Irkutsk, Russia.
If you are like me, you need a map to see where Irkutsk is....
 It was a wonder to get updates from them through texts-we were 12 hours apart 
so had to coordinate communication so we could have conversations!
 Today, I received a package of souvenirs;
my daughter had saved them because we were supposed to take a trip to Georgia to see them
last month but I wasn't feeling well enough to travel.,
But look at this yarn!!!!
At the open air market, they met an older women who spun yarn 
from her own little flock of Kaza--nanny goats literally. 
 It feels like mohair but oh, so soft!
 I mean, look at that halo!
The wool is single ply-I can't wait to swatch this!
 Bill was gifted socks made of camel fiber--the man selling them reminded Marsel of her Dad!
(Loud and telling corny jokes to the market shoppers!)
After trying them on, he left them on the floor where Nyki promptly killed them 
and then laid on them.
 After she walked away, Lena moved in for her turn.  She took a few tentative sniffs, jumped and then settled down for a nap!


  1. That yarn looks dreamy!!! I had to laugh at kitty killing the sock. Mine do that too if I leave one out where they can get it. Cats are so weird.

  2. What an interesting trip for them and that they were thinking of you while they were in Russia and bought you yarn is wonderful. It looks so soft and the socks are works of art. The kitties are hilarious. Ours used to do things like that too. Alex flew over Russia last night on his flight from Tokyo to London. It's a BIG country!
    Happy Christmas Eve!

  3. What an adventure!
    I bet you'll have fun with that yarn!

  4. What a wonderful gift! You will have such fun deciding what to make.

  5. Fabulous yarn Oh my gosh. Im so jealous! Pie had a rough time with the festivities last night.

  6. What a wonderful opportunity for the family to travel to Russia! Love the yarn and socks.

  7. Beautiful yarn.

    All fair game for kitties. LOL

  8. Beautiful yarn it is just gorgeous, enjoy!


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