Sunday, July 18, 2021

My Many Facets

I almost made it around the whole round but I ran out of steam!  It's shaping up nicely!
I even made another row for this coral reef quilt.
I played with the knotty burl on the lathe.  It gave me fits at first;  I thought it was going to beat me but then it all worked out!  I even got to use my new gadget, a Sand-O-Flex which is made for sanding natural edge works--it buff the dirt and debris out but leaves the bark intact.  Perfect!
And the second skein of yarn was plied;  it took longer than I expected!  Maybe because this skein has 321 yards which is 100 yards more than the other skein!  I will wash and dry these today and then they can be put to good use!

And the second sock has joined its mate;  Winter's Frost pattern, KnitPicks Hawthorne in Compass Kettle Dyed yarn.  Knit on 64 stitches with size 0 needles.  (the pattern was written for top down but I knit these toe-up using the chart as written)  



  1.'ve been busy!!!
    I love those skeins. I think you have inspired me to do some dying when and if I can get the wheel out again later on. I've got a big bag of undyed something or other that needs to be spun because it's always in my way.

  2. All of your projects are amazing and I just love the square bowl for your son. Hope your antibiotics have kicked in and you are feeling better now.

  3. How do you possibly get so much done? And on a Sunday too? It is all so beautiful.


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