Friday, July 30, 2021


I did manage to complete the boy quilt, cut the binding strips and then went out to play with the lathe!  Lena enjoyed a good stretch when I took the photo--she was teasing for a good brushing so, of course, I obliged her!
The outside shape of the bowl was completed and I turned it around and began the hollowing out.
It went pretty smoothly-it is so enjoyable to watch the wood curls fall away as you remove the center mass!
The grain is so pretty in this piece because it has swirls where the branches were-very cool grains result.  Now it is time to do a lot of sanding on the inside and apply the shellac for the finish.  So today I will complete the little girl's quilt on the frame, the bowl and maybe bind both quilts!  What about you?!



  1. That bowl is a real beauty!
    I am hoping the weather is good enough today to get outside. It's been so miserable here with daily storms that I've pretty much been a couch potato all week. My mojo is seriously in decline.

  2. It looks so different from when you started! Amazing!


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