Monday, July 19, 2021

Sock Yarn

I always take along some knitting when we head out for church on Sundays because we have a 40 minute drive each way so I can get some nice car knitting in.  I wanted to begin a new pair of socks but I hadn't put the skein into a cake to knit from so I grabbed the sock blanket and some little balls of knitting and away we went!  Bill had some errands to run after church so I also knitted while I waited in the car.  I am adding a row to the length of the blanket while also adding a row to the width!  
A very enjoyable knitting project!
This was the skein of yarn I bought at HobbyLobby on the last visit-I liked working with the last skein and so will enjoy this colorway, too, I think!
It caked up beautifully and Lena even held still for a photo! 
 I will cast on today!


  1. Your blanket is really pretty. It's like a yarny work of art!

  2. That is a very pretty new yarn! (And a very pretty Lena)

  3. I love working on my blanket too but next up is an advent calendar for Miss Piper. Your's is really growing. Our church is less than 5 minutes from our house here in Omaha. No time to knit there!

  4. Great yarn color! We went to church in person for the first time since COVID started, and it was great to be there. Online is nice, but in person is way nicer! Love your blanket; I've been storing leftover yarn for ages now. Maybe I should get started?

  5. I must have fallen asleep for a week, you have gotten so much done, even feeling under the weather! Love the bowl, the stars are perfect for the panel, and the socks are so buttery!

  6. Pretty yarn. Prettier Lena.


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