Saturday, October 9, 2021


When I came out from my appointment yesterday--
the sun was really filtered behind so many layers of clouds. 
 It built to several storms throughout the afternoon but in between---
really good views like this.

Even when I was home--the clouds were like this between each burst of wind and rain!  I enjoy looking up...

We have a new purchase--our old golf card died; 
 it's been gasping for a year now and it finally quit.
The new-to-us ride is amazing--power and control;  speed and brakes!  I will enjoy going out to the pond again!
I played in the garage on the lathe in between the storms--I completed the eighth and final square grapefruit bowls!  
The grain on this one doesn't disappoint! 
And the prompt was...Watch.  This one is imagination all the way.


  1. Those clouds are beautiful. We had some pretty ones down by the bay today too. It was sprinkl. ing here and there and the sky was incredible.
    Your bowls are beautiful-as always. Ooops. I forgot about Inktober. I need to go catch up. Too much kitchen drama at the moment but I get tomorrow off all day.

  2. Gorgeous sky photos. We had clouds all day but no rain, just high humidity but cooler temperatures so it was bearable.
    Those bowls are gorgeous. The grain is so unique.
    I like the watch painting. The words are so true.


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