Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Sweater Weather

I loaded up the table runner and worked from the middle for this because I wanted orange for the quilting thread for the leaves, white for the background stippling 
and then I will use green thread for the borders.
It is pleasant work but I can stand only so long 
so there are a lot of rests in between quilting spurts!
I got to wear my new sweater-it was very comfortable!
I liked the way the side splits and didn't hug my belly!  
Yes, I will make this sweater again!


  1. Love your table runner and the way you are quilting it! You're very clever knitting a sweater... I knitted one once....... I think it took me a few years, lol! xx

  2. Great finish on the sweater! Love the table runner - very pretty.

  3. The table runner is beautiful! I think I want to find one for winter for our table but I don't want a Christmasy one. Maybe snowmen?
    Your sweater fits you perfectly. You are so talented and beautiful inside and out. It's always nice to see a photo of you too.

  4. I commented on how much I loved that runner and that sweater this morning but I got an error message that I have never seen before. I'm checking back to see if it appeared but it didn't so if you seem two comments from me today it's just Blogger being cranky!

  5. What a pretty sweater! It looks great on you!

  6. The runner is gorgeous! You looked lovely in your new sweater. That is a good color on you.


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I know, I make so many hats but I hate to wear them--only in a blizzard will you find me wearing one since I got glasses--20+ years ago! lol...