Monday, October 4, 2021


Here's something you don't see very often--a license plate from the Virgin Islands!  

I hope to load this table runner on the frame and quilt it today!
While looking for something else, I found this leftover pile of flannel squares from quilts I made last winter.  I will get it pieced this week.
Yesterday's prompt was Vessel;  for me that means pottery.  This is a rendering of a common water vessel used in Israel around the time of the first Temple-the one Solomon built. (947BC)  I love terra cotta!



  1. Very fun license plate find! The table runner is so pretty. I love Inktober…the daily prompts appeal to me and I love to see the watercolors that result!

  2. We have a big fancy Vrbo house on the boardwalk and we always like to look at the license plates in the driveway whenever it is rented. Yesterday they must have been here for a wedding because they put all the beautiful floral senterpieces out in the driveway when they all left. I hope someone didn't forget them!

  3. That was a trip for the license plate! Your table runner is turning out so pretty, but then, I didn't expect anything less.
    It's fun to see the different Inktober drawings and the different ideas people have from the prompts.

  4. It’s fun to spy unusual or unexpected license plates. Love the table runner.the green fabrics complement the leaves well.

  5. Once in a while we'll see a plate from Hawaii here which is also a long trip. Love that table runner and your watercolor.

  6. I will not start another table runner, I WILL NOT! LOL Love your leaves. Now to get back to finishing the runner I have already pieced.


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