Sunday, October 24, 2021


The piecing of the new pumpkin table runner is mostly done;  I have yet to add the white borders.  
I had quite a backlog of bowls, etc, to sign because I broke my last woodburner.  This time I bought a pyrography tool instead and it was so much better at signing the wood! 
Now an almost pleasurable chore!
Now I can make something new since I am caught up! lol
The prompt yesterday was LEAK; 
 I have a dripping faucet so this was an easy one!


  1. It's always fun to try out a new tool - especially if it's a good one!

  2. I love those pumpkins! Your pile of wood projects is so impressive. What a beautiful collection.

  3. Such a lot of pretty finishes! So glad you can now sign them. Love that table runner, too.

  4. Love those sweet pumpkins. I'm glad you got your new tool. I think you're going to be signing lots and lots of things in the future! My snowman is always on display in the china cabinet, but it's almost time for him to take center stage for the next few months.


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