Friday, October 29, 2021


I tackled the binding on the king-sized quilt for my bed--boy, was that a work out!  I sewed and then walked a bout a bit and then did some more--I sure felt the tension in my shoulders and neck!
Lena usually lays on the table next to me as I sew but I couldn't handle her weight on the quilt and convinced her to stay down on the floor;  she is watching birds in the feeder right out there! lol
I loaded the boys' QFK on the frame and will knock that off today.  I might even get the binding on it, too!  
I hope to then load on the pumpkin table runner!
And look--I washed all of the bedding and made the bed with the new quilt!  I am very happy with the results. 
 But I am feeling like I need to change out the window shades now....   It's always just one more thing! lol


  1. Congratulations on wrangling that beast of a quilt, Cindy, as you bed looks warm and cozy for Fall!! I agree about that "one more thing" needing to be done. Change the carpet? Need new flooring. Change the flooring? Need new paint. It never ends!!

  2. Bed size quilts just seem to take forever. I love to bind quilts, but what with work, cooking, piecing, etc I never seem to get caught up.

  3. Love the warm brown tones on the bed. I have bound 2 King size quilts and know the binding seems to go on forever. Great finish!

  4. Bravo an an excellent finish! Big quilts are difficult to jostle around when sewing on the binding.

  5. Ohhhh now that is just SO pretty!! and perfect for fall!!!

  6. Great finish! I hear you with the neck and shoulders. I only did one side of that little memory quilt last night and I'm feeling it this morning.

  7. What a beautiful, beautiful quilt! It looks wonderful in your room with the paint color. Lena looks happy with it too. :-)
    You're always so busy. Take care.

  8. Wonderful projects! I love the honey dippers. And the quilt is perfect. We bought a new couch and now I wonder do I change the throw pillows or the valance? LOL


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