Friday, November 17, 2023


Look at this!  A real finished object in the studio! I put the binding on yesterday and even washed/dried it, too!
It has beautiful texture from the Baptist Fan pantograph pattern I which I used to quilt it. 
And then I managed to sew the borders onto this top. 
 I do not have a backing for it so it is stalled for a bit.

Bill did work on this area-he dug out the soil and stones but I didn't sit and watch him because it rained every half hour but I waved every once in a while! lol
The rain collected and dripped through the pool screen all day.  At least we didn't get battered with the high winds that the coast received a few hours south of us.  
And Nyki has been so helpful as I crochet the gingerbread ornaments!  I feel the same way about a skein of yarn! 


  1. That photo of Nyki is too cute.

    We are supposed to get some rain tonight (I think). Then the cold air moves in and it really WILL feel like late fall. Glad you didn't get the damaging winds. Did Orlando?

  2. That's a lot of progress! The finished quilt is lovely as is the WIP. We were just watching a report on the rains down in FL and how bad they've been. We could use some of it up here but just some. Flooding we don't need.

  3. Gorgeous quilt finish. Really pretty. Bill is quite the worker, even through the rain! Nyki feels the way I do about yarn. Snuggles all the way.


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