Sunday, November 12, 2023



I can't remember a pair of socks taking me so long to knit!

  First, I would say the new needles (addi) were too small

 (a size 1 instead of a size 2)

and so took too long to knit the plain socks.  

Secondly, I enjoyed the rabbit hole of amigurumi and quick little projects.  

Thirdly, I enjoyed the sweater project more than the tiny sock needles. 

 I think that is all the excuses I can come up with honestly! lol

I ended up finishing the leg of this sock with my old favorite needles and stuck it out! 

 (I only made a few dishcloths every so often 

to keep me from going cross-eyed!)

To prove I still like making socks, I cast with fun yarn

 (a Jacquard sock yarn)

 and lovely needles and have this much done already! 

  I also tried a new style of toe, a round toe which had to be one for toe-up socks which is what I do. 

It was fun and easy to make and they fit well!


  1. As long as you're enjoying it, it doesn't matter what you're making

  2. Woo hoo for the sock finish! I love the yarn on the new pair. The right needle makes all the difference. I'm getting ready to write a blog post for tomorrow about that myself.

  3. The color on the new sock is so pretty.

  4. I have a single sock that needs its mate knit, from back in the early 2000's!! LOL It's Fascine Braid, and so tedious!

  5. Great job on the socks. The ones I posted on my blog a few days ago that I finished? They were the ones that I was knitting in London in September! It took me forever. I was busy with other things and I just wasn't feeling it. :-)
    I really like that new yarn. It's lots of fun. It's always fun on those types of yarn to see what comes out of the skein next. :-)

  6. Love the yarn for your new sock! I really like self striping yarn!


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