Tuesday, November 28, 2023


I was losing the race on floor space in our closet; 
 I needed a place for all of the projects in the works. 
I knew that I would have to haul a lot of stuff out of the closet
 to accomplish this!  
But look how much better this is! 
 Because I wanted the clothes basket under the shelf, I had to rearrange the unit a bit.  That meant that I had to make some more spacers to put the bottom shelf on top!

It's a good thing I know how to make them on the lathe!  I spray- painted them white and they look like the originals! 
 It's nice to have things organized after you get over dreading the job!


  1. Organizing is such a cathartic experience! Nice! -Marsel

  2. I so envy that closet. This house-minus the little bedroom closets only has one itty bitty hall closet that barely fits my vacuum cleaner. We don't even have a garage for all the handyman junk. My entire house has storage facility vibes because there is no place to hide anything. Thank goodness for Ikea. We have armoires all over the place but even they only hold so much.

  3. I organized this weekend, but it was an overhaul of my entire sewing studio! I moved the long arm by myself. And no, it does not have wheels!!! LOL. Now I am looking for another table to hold my new printer and heat press, but I have no clue where I will put the table.

  4. That looks so great! I'm sure you're loving having everything in it's place at at eye level. Great job on the risers. You're amazing!


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