Thursday, November 23, 2023


As we gather around our table today for a Thanksgiving feast, know that you will be included in my list of things for which I am grateful for throughout the year!

I know you are aware of having the same lot # for your projects but even so, it is no guarantee it will result in two identical skeins!

Case in point--look how different these two dishcloths are even tho each skein was marked as the same dye lot!  I'm not going make a sweater where it would matter but I did find it interesting!  If you haven't tried the new Crafter's Secret cotton from Hobby Lobby, I would recommend it because it has a wonderful hand for cotton yarn!  It is soft yet firm and because it is made with 4 strands of different colors, it sure gives a depth to the knitted/crocheted fabric!  I am using the four of these I have made for hot pads for our dinner today and then will used them for dishcloths during clean-up!



  1. Happy Thanksgiving.

    I bought Caron Pound one time for a blanket. I needed three of those massive skeins. They say there is no dye lot ... all are the same. Well, they aren't. The skein I used in the middle of the blanket was definitely a different color by quite a bit. Doesn't matter in the long run. The blanket still works just fine as a blanket. But it sure did make me mad at the time.

  2. I found that out with a pair of socks once. I was NOT happy when the pair didn't match at all. I'm pretty sure I chucked it all out in disgust.


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