Tuesday, November 21, 2023


My cactus are all beginning to bloom ; 

 this one is the first again and now I know why!

Here is a chart to help you decide which cactus you have!!!
  This one has always been the earliest to bloom
 but it blooms all December, too, so I never thought about it being a different kind!!  I just love them no matter when they bloom!
There are still lots of Fall colors on the porch, though--
mums and this thunbergia for two.
I sewed the second bowl cozy--the same fabric on one side----
and different on the inside!  One for Bill and one for me!


  1. I keep looking at my Christmas cactus plants and hoping to see buds.

  2. Those cozies are so practical. Since The Mister's surgery we've been doing a lot more eating out of our laps in the living room where he is more comfortable. A hot bowl or plate is no fun to juggle while you're trying to eat.

  3. Only one of my cactuses has bloomed - and it bloomed weeks ago. They didn't get their spell on the porch this year, so they didn't get a big change in temp and light (which triggers the blooming). The one that did was right in the front window.

  4. No matter the time, blooms are ALWAYS appreciated.

    The bowl cozies are very pretty.


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