Friday, November 3, 2023


I have missed every single one of the Cereus cactus blooms this year--over 2 dozen of them!  I set my alarm to send me outside at 10:30 last night because they only bloom at night!  And it wasn't open!!!  This morning when I went out to fill the bird feeders-I couldn't believe it!  Not only one but two were open fully 
and still smelling so beautifully fragrant!!!
This is what they usually look like by morning! 
   Today's bloom stayed open until afternoon
 and began to drop then. I enjoyed it almost all day!!!!
It is even incredible from the back view!!!!  
As I walked around the rest of the yard, 
I found several other plants that are in full bloom, too.
  This is the southern version of a 'bleeding heart'. 
 It is a vine but also in a bush shape and loaded with flowers.
And I was so surprised to see the morning glories blooming!  I through the seeds in at the base of the tree months ago!
  They are happy to have the cooler temperatures, too!
And this is how I know it is Fall;  the Camellia bush-
the white one only- is blooming!
Remember these?  Hacky Sacks! 
 I filled the cotton yarn balls with black beans!  I made the first one too big but the other four are just right!
And I took the head off this guy and made a smaller one--
now it looks better to me!



  1. I remember driving down University Blvd. (Orlando) at night and smelling the most amazing fragrance. I'm betting it was that cereus.

    Your little turtle looks very cute with the smaller head.

  2. I remember hacky sacks! The new and improved turtle is adorable! I love those big eyes.

  3. Your flowers are so pretty! I don't have flowers anymore as the deer tend to munch on everything here! Love your crochet items...that is one talent I never seemed to get the hang of!

  4. Those cactus flowers are stunning!!!
    Morning glories are so pretty - but they are actually invasive here. My neighbour had a pile planted on our shared fence the first year we moved here, and I've been pulling them out ever since! Lol. It's a shame, because the are so pretty - but they wrap around my other plants and strangle them. Maybe I should stick a trellis up so they have something to climb next year!

  5. Oh that cactus flower is gorgeous. Everything is dreary here now that the leaves have all fallen. That's it till spring. So I close the blinds early and light candles and twinkle lights to make it more cheerful.
    The turtle is so cute with his smaller head, although I liked him before too. I haven't thought of hacky sacks in years, since our boys were kicking them around.
    Blessings and hugs,

  6. Your garden is amazing! There's not too much blooming here now, but there are lots of leaves to rake.


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