Thursday, August 29, 2019

You Just Never Know

 Yesterday, after morning perk-up on the house, 
I didn't feel like doing any work on that quilt 
so I organized my threads (ha!) for a new pillow cover!
It is almost the end of August and I haven't made the pillow-for-the month yet!
Almost everything went wrong from the start! 
 For example, my computer decided that it didn't like my thumb drive; 
 I had 'errors on the driver' that needed repairing-so I 'fixed' them.
Then I could read all of the patterns on the thumb drive when I plugged it into my sewing machine except for the one I needed!
The design I spent an hour changing the colors around to match what thread I had on hand.
I finally figured out how to back door fool it into taking the design and began stitching.
 In between arguments with the program, I decided to knit up a new sweater for granddaughter #3
who needs a new sweatshirt style sweater because she outgrew the one I made her at Christmas.
This is a worsted weight yarn by Yarn Bee. 
 (I love their baby yarn and discovered this cake in the right colors!)
I measured it with the gauge ruler and by counting and happily came out exactly the same both ways.
A good beginning.
I happily knit the back and when I took it off the machine, 
I had that funny feeling that it was too short.
I switched to the knitting the sleeve since I had enough yardage to knit a front/sleeve from one cake and back/sleeve from the other-this way they would all be a close match.
Sure enough, that sleeve looked short, too.
When I scoured the pattern I found that I had changed the gauge info on the pattern for the new yarn but hadn't increased the SIZE of the sweater.
It's all ripped out to try again today.

Some days.... 
When coming out of church last night, there was a beautiful flash in this cloud!
I tried for several minutes while sitting in the car to capture the pretty flash but I missed every time.

I'm looking forward to a new day--Bill starts it out by getting rid of his elbow stitches!
The home aide nurse will take them out so we don't have to go to the doctor's office;  
that's a good thing.

He spent yesterday working on our generator in case this hurricane really is as bad as the Weather Station says--if the run on the grocery stores is any indication, it is the end of the world.
Just so you understand!


  1. The pillow is beautiful! Too bad the machine was playing naughty. I've been looking at the models for that hurricane and it looks like someone dumped a plate of spaghetti on Florida! I hope it misses you. I hope it misses us too. I've got enough tree drama at the moment.

  2. Oh my! That was an AWFUL crafting day. Hope today is much better.

    Happy for Bill. I'm sure he'll be glad to be rid of those stitches!!!

    Stay safe. We will be keeping you all in our thoughts this weekend.

  3. Yikes, Murphy was hanging around your sewing/knitting room all day! Certainly glad that Bill's stitches are coming out.

  4. Some days.....enough said! Happy for Bill that the stitches are out/coming out. Do be safe in the storm!!

  5. Some days you just gotta know when to walk away! I have those days all the time!

    so glad to hear Bill's stitches are coming out!

    Stay safe in the storm - that cloud is amazing!

  6. Some days are like that and after one or two disasters I usually give up and read a book! I love the colors you chose for the pillow. Absolutely beautiful and matches my living room! :-)
    I'm glad the stitches are coming out and hopefully this is the end of the elbow saga.
    Wishing you a wonderful day.

  7. oh no. Im praying for you in the hurricane! Im so glad Bill is healed and gets his stitches out!!!! Lightening in the clouds is amazing

  8. Lots of beautiful blues in that post! Pretty, even if they didn’t behave well...


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