Monday, August 19, 2019

Pretty Things

 Sleeve #1 done for the Gable and Cable Cardigan!
And I've already started the second one.
A very pleasant knit and a piece of cake compared to Mom's work for the body of the sweater!
 These are the blooms from the Cereus that I missed Saturday night because I fell asleep too soon!
Yes, these beauties only bloom for one night--
What would we do if we could only shine for one night?!
 But there were two new ones for me to admire last night.
 Isn't it amazing--sorry, I will never be bored with going out at 10:30 to admire them!
And savor their heavenly tropical aroma!
Go ahead and scratch your screen lightly--you just might get a whiff!


  1. Such beautiful blooms! I love white flowers.

  2. That sounds like me with my passionflower. The blooms only last the day and I get so excited when I walk outside to see another one.

  3. How lovely. I wonder if the flowers bloom at night because of a special nocturnal pollinator.

    Great job on the sleeve - you're a speedy knitter.

  4. Beautiful! One night only! It sounds so exotic and mysterious.

  5. Glad you got to enjoy them.

    Someone in Orlando had them. We never saw them, but we sure could smell them.


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