Thursday, March 12, 2020

Ha to Plans!

It started by heading in to do some frame quilting and seeing that one of the cats used the quilt as a hammock and popped half of the pins holding the backing in place.  
Second, it was covered in hair and third, insult to injury, said cat barfed on the quilt top
 so that  the top absorbed the juices.
I cleaned off the solid matter, used a sticky roller to remove the hair, 
re-pinned the backing and waited for the barf area to dry out.

When I went back to do the quilting the second time, 
the laser light to use for pantograph quilting was dead.  
I put it on charge and walked away again.
I spent hours making a mess and trying to see any learning acquired as positive 
but it was a very discouraging few hours!
Eventually I did get to work at the frame and finished the barf quilt. 
 I cut the binding but didn't get it made.
A new goal for today.
 But I did load up another. quilt which I will hopefully get finished today also!
Tomorrow is a new day.
(Kalanchoe in bloom.  )


  1. Yowza! what a story,

  2. Well, since I've been away from the computer you have had some ups and downs, but it looks like things are headed in a better direction. Love the sweater!!! And the barf quilt is adorable. All the stumbles will turn to leaps of joy when you get back on track.

  3. Oh no! Not a good day! I was awoken at 6 am to Burton barfing all over his cat tree.

    At least you have some pretty blooms.

  4. Ah yes, some days are like that . .

  5. There are days when you think it would be better to just stay in bed aren't there? Here's praying that today will be better.

  6. What a day! Hope today is better. Beautiful blooms.

  7. Yikes! Hope today is going better for you. BTW, kalanchoe is an indoor plant here.....


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