Monday, March 30, 2020


 While church was by live feed yesterday, it was still good to be fed by Scriptures to start the day!
I decided that pushing through the deep fatigue is going have to be a decision and not a feeling,
I pulled out the new wicker furniture fabric  I bought weeks ago to make new cushion covers.
The sun baking on the porch fades the outdoor fabric in a few years. 
 Grateful they are an easy project.
I still have one more to make, for the couch, but it will wait for another day!
 The cat hammock quilt has a binding, was washed and dried and is now folded in the donation pile.
The ceremony to present these 25-30 quilts was postponed but I will be able to make a few more before then so it will be a good delay, right?!
The panto used was a bit of a comet shape in shifting colors.
The backing is done in tie dyed colors-like the block on the middle left!

No fever last night for the first time in 2 weeks! 
Smile with me!


  1. YAY for no fever!! Glad you could tackle some projects. Take care and don't over do it!

  2. No fever is truly a positive sign. I agree with Vera, don’t over do it. Sit on the porch and gather some warm sunshine for me.

  3. The poor cat, he needs a hammock! Love the socks from previous post, they are so bright. And yay for charity quilts to wrap someone in comfort. Hope you are gaining strength each day!

  4. That cat hammock quilt looks fabulous!

  5. Yay for no fever! That is wonderful. The cat hammock quilt looks beautiful. I am sure the cat would appreciate you getting another quilt loaded for napping purposes. Take care and don't overdo.

  6. Oh, I'm SO glad to hear that there was no fever. Now take care of yourself and try to do just a LITTLE more each day. Don't do too much or you'll be back down. The quilt is beautiful and I thank you for making them to donate.

  7. looks like you're on the mend, good to see! but like the others said - don't overdo it, no point in pressing yourself and getting worse again because of it!
    take care!


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