Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Physical Therapy!

I didn't hear from the DOH with test results yesterday so today will be the day!
And thank you so much for all of the love being sent my way--
from all of my faithful commentors who brighten each post
to several who risked coming out of lurkdom to wish me well;
thank you all.

For my PT yesterday, 
 I took the big walk from my bedroom to my studio to wind some sock yarn into a cake!
It is a long walk-150 feet!
Want to hear a funny story?
The door behind the swift goes to the garage (where my DH  putters).
We have determined,
 after several spontaneous discussions,
that I will lock the door when I pull out the leaf to the table to wind yarn
thereby avoiding him plowing the door into the leaf and coming to an abrupt halt,
scaring both of us!
This is how old married folks work things out; 
 if you are a young couple,
may you soon learn the compatible joy of compromise!
And this is what I did with the new cake of yarn-plain vanilla socks!
(they are toe-up obviously but will have the new gusset construction I am working on memorizing!)
I have just begun the gusset increases which will increase the stitch count by 20 stitches
for this woman's pair of socks.
The shawl knitting is being set aside for only a bit of time;  
the #8 needles and hand spun yarn had grown too heavy for my arms.
I am still at a 'newborn with a little rattle' stage right now! 
Go ahead, laugh with me!


  1. Pretty yarn! Fingers crosssed that you get good results from the DOH.

  2. Yeah, you don't make it through YEARS of marriage without a little compromise thrown in.

    For us it will be 41 this year.

  3. Plain vanilla socks allow the yarn to become the star. I like how the colors are striping and not pooling on this sock.

  4. Love your compromise. Dave and I have a lot of little things like that!

    Beautiful new sock!

  5. I must be at the old-couple stage myself now:) keep the baby with the rattle attitude for a while longer, until you're steadier on your feet again!

  6. Yep. The fine art of compromise comes with many years of marriage. We're at 41 this year and he has the patience of a saint with me.
    Your socks are beautiful and the vanilla pattern is perfect with that yarn. I'm glad you felt well enough to wind yarn and knit a little. I'll keep right on praying.

  7. It is wonderful that you were able to venture from bed to studio yesterday! Beautiful colors in that new sock.

  8. Still waiting to hear your results!!! I love your sock color way. Yes we old married folk find ways to work it out. And we choose one another every day....dont we?


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