Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Three Goals

 At quilting group on Monday, I finished my tumbler block kids' top and brought home three more top from others which I will quilt asap.  We are going to hit our goal of 25-30 quilts with a bit of focus!
I want to finish the quilt on the frame and knock off a couple of these today, too!
 I also want to make the new hat challenge for the month--a two sided hat of fingering weight yarn.
I will be playing with this new line from Hobby Lobby-they feel so soft!
If I just sit down long enough, I can knit this on the machine in an hour, I'm sure!
And I am at the half way mark on the bird house--
I forgot how large you must make the item you want to felt! 
 I'm getting there--I need to hurry up 
because the wrens are making their many nest beginnings in all of the plants on the front porch! 
 I want this to hang out them for them to nest in!
I know the red shouldered hawks are very vocal and active in the yard. 
He likes watching us almost as much as we watch him!


  1. Beautiful hawk! I'm pretty sure the one nesting on my office building is a red tail hawk (at least that's what I see flying around here all the time). You are one busy lady!!!

  2. Bless you for machine quilting the children’s quilts. Red-tail hawks are beautiful birds.

  3. Thank you for being willing do quilt all of the quilts for the children. I'm curious to know how you like the new Hobby Lobby yarn and to see what you make with it. I like the colors!

  4. hopefully he is NOT thinking about snacking on wren babies.

  5. You see interesting birds in your yard. Do sandhill cranes ever visit?
    Nice work on the quilts, too. (All photos are shown today here!)


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