Saturday, October 16, 2021


You know the one good thing about taking a two hour road trip is the amount of knitting you can get done! lol 
 The yoke is finished and one sleeve is completed also!  
Grandson #3 requested that for today's prompt, HELMET, that I draw a Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet so , of course, that is what I did.  I will add watercolor later;
 I'm going to play with some grands instead!


  1. That is such a pretty sweater!
    I thought of storm troopers too but I am so far behind now. Maybe today I can get down there and catch up. Maybe.

  2. You made great progress on the sweater. I, too, love car rides for that very reason. I get so much done.
    That helmet is impressive. You're such a good grandma. Piper, her Mom, my sister and niece are all going this morning to get pedicures for the last time this summer. It will be so much fun.

  3. The sweater yoke is beautiful: the yarn worked well with the pattern.

  4. That's going to be a lovely sweater! Is it one of your own patterns? Have fun with your GK. I agree, car rides can be productive! Great drawing.

  5. cardigan is looking great!
    Love the storm trooper!


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