Wednesday, January 19, 2022


Well, it's official, my radius is broken in a textbook compression fracture.  (The radius is the one on the thumb side of the wrist)  I don't know how to add an arrow to the picture or I would point to the line of the break but trust me, it is a thorough job! lol 
 The doctor has allowed me to stay in the velcro/metal brace as long as I absolutely DO NOT use my right hand. 
 I have the okay to hunt and peck
 with my thumb and forefinger only, allowing no rotation.
  He's sneaky because I have an appointment next week to check how it is healing and to be sure of no displacement!
  Any variation and it is a hard cast for me! 
 I can follow the rules explicitly when the stakes are this high! 
 I did confess to using my adjusted style of knitting 
but it is off the table now, too, because it is repetitive
 and has a rotating rhythm.  Sigh.
I now have a choice-sit and stew
 or see this as a new creative opportunity.
So my daughter, Marsel, had a genius and very encouraging idea for me;  "Take up abstract art with your left hand! 
 Paint backgrounds for cards....
try something you wouldn't have done without this happening!"  Just what I needed to hear!  
This is a 5 x 7" card that I painted with said left hand...I
 am going to run it through the printer and add words--
my handwriting is not legible yet
 but I have a lot of time to practice!!!


  1. So sorry to hear. Your daughter is right. There's always a way to be creative and a challenge to be overcome. A very talented artist friend of mine fell while on vacation in Australia and severely damaged her wrist which never healed properly and surgery only made things worse. She refused additional treatment and has managed to continue creating despite the stiffness and lack of full movement. Take care and rest your wrist as long as needed.

  2. Oh dear! Hope it can heal quickly and you can get back to your normal activities!!

  3. Hooray for jumping right in to the new adventure! Love you!

  4. I knew it. It's so hard to see breaks like this right away and I was just thinking yesterday that I bet it's broken. I am sorry to hear it but at least you can get it taken care of properly and heal soon.

  5. Oh no! I'm so sorry that it's really broken. I had two fractures like that in the 5th grade. One right after the other. Same bone. Luckily it was my left hand! All of that knitting probably didn't help.
    Marsel is brilliant. That background is beautiful. You are so talented my friend.
    Blessings and love,

  6. Sorry to hear of the fracture, but happy to hear you’re trying something new.

  7. Sorry to hear it is a break. Hope it heals up quickly.

  8. Oh bummer!!!! I am impressed with your attitude tho! find something else to do and enjoy the learning... great thoughts! Hope you heal fast!

  9. Heal quickly!! Glad you thought of another creative project!


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