Monday, January 31, 2022


We have been shrouded for days now but last night was the last freeze for the winter, I think! Bill is outside taking all of the blankets down and folding them up until next year!

We lost several of the flowering bushes (flame bush) and the Turk's Cap but they will come back in the Spring!
The hibiscus might or might not come back-it is a waiting game that I usually cave and buy new ones so they will flower this year and not have to wait a year or two with the old ones before they bloom. 
The frost killed all of the camellias--they all look toasted-brown!

I am emerging from a deep freeze-one of my pain meds were changed and it has been a painful interlude waiting for the new meds to kick in.
 I think many of you would be like me and hate to have help but when a friend asked if she could come and help me by doing some housecleaning, I automatically said no but thanks.  After I swallowed my pride, I told her, yes, I need help!  What a gift to have a friend willing to come in and spiff things up for you! 


  1. It is hard to accept help when it’s needed. I’m glad you took your friend up on her offer. She knows you would do the same for her if she needed it.

  2. Oh, no....I am so sad seeing your poor plants. This cold is just too much. Everything is so icy here The Mister gave up trying to shovel so we're just trying to make the best of the winter wonderland we have going on out there.
    I am sorry to hear about your pain issues. It is nice to have someone come help when you need it. My sister who retired from nursing this year just starting working with a private patient where she just does light housework and keeps the little lady company a few hours a week and my sister is enjoying it so much. She says it reminds her of what it would be like taking care of our mom if she had lived. Caretakers get so much out of helping- so when asked...say yes!

  3. Sometimes yes is the right answer. Hope your meds kick in soon.

    We are buried in the snow. I did clean the wood stove this afternoon and put the ash around my very naked hydrangea. I am itching to get out and work in the garden, but I fear I have many weeks before the ground will be soft enough for me to dig up.

  4. Goodness, it seems like you never get a break. Hoping you are better now and that the use of your arm resumes soon!

  5. I'm so sorry about your plants AND your pain especially, but so thankful that you have a friend who wants to help. It's so hard to be the one who accepts the help isn't it? I know you would be the first one there if someone else needed something you could help with. I'll be praying that the meds are soon working fully.

  6. How I envy you... more snow on the way for us! I just topped up all the feeders to get the birds through - it's supposed to snow right through to Saturday


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