Monday, January 24, 2022


Yesterday Bill covered several of our sensitive plants to protect them from the frost that was coming!
And it hit us hard with 29*.
My front porch plants were pulled from the edge 
and huddled near the house for protection.
It's a bit cramped but it did protect them.  The plants we didn't cover were all hit pretty hard but most of them come back in the warmer temps without being killed.  We have mild temps now until Sun morning so we will be doing this again on Saturday!


  1. Yikes! That is chilly for you guys! Stay warm...

  2. Oh, my....that is cold. My neighbor has done the same with her tender bushes. I wondered what all the little tents were in her yard and then I realized what they were.

  3. My goodness the weather is crazy everywhere this winter. I hope your plants all survive the frost.
    I've been praying for you too. Are you feeling yourself again after Covid? For your hand too. Take care my dear friend.

  4. It's almost easier to just have winter and protect plants once for an entire season!

  5. At first I thought you might be having a night under the stars! LOL. Hope nothing major was lost. And I love your bubbles painting!! So whimsical! I've been praying for healing!!!

  6. Glad most of the plants made out okay. Boy, I sure do remember the work that was.

    We would bring in the orchids and put them on an old shower curtain in the front room. ALL 75 OF THEM. Of course, there was always a lizard or two that hitched a ride inside. After we got Giroux, that was always a BAD move on the lizard's part.

  7. Glad your plants survived! Sure hope it's warming up for you. Whenever I think it's cold, I think of my sis in MN where it's been -12! That makes our temps in the thirties bearable. Now, if only the fog would go away.

  8. Oh dear, temperatures certainly did take a nose dive! I’m glad you were able to keep most of the plants safe.


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