Thursday, January 6, 2022


I had to pick up my prescriptions the other day and made my task-oriented self , stop and look at the boat ramp just down the road.  It was pleasant to watch the water and waves. 
 I so easily forget to enjoy the beauty surrounding me!
Closer to home, that clerodendrom is covered now with the dark blue berries--very pretty. 
 I can't wait to build a trellis for this plant very soon!
I thought you would like to see the finished paintbrush holder!
  It turned out so smooth and soft after all of the sanding and polishing!  See all of the cracks in the wood?  They have all been stabilized and filled-they just add to the beauty.  It holds all of my brushes with room for more!  (The camellias are from my friend-her blooms look like a cross of my red ones with the petals in double measure from my pink ones!  What a beautiful bush with so many varieties!)

Today, I head to Daytona for a dr appt, lunch and a bit of shopping at JoAnn's!  It's been a long time!



  1. What an elegant brush holder!
    My beautiful camellia is broken in half. I think I can save it but I won't know until we get a thaw. We expect more snow today. Ugh. I love snow but not the kind that ruins everything.

  2. The paintbrush holder is very pretty. Where is this new flower/berry plant? — I keep forgetting to ask!

  3. What a beautiful brush holder! Turned out really nice. Love that plant with the berries - very dramatic looking.

  4. Im very jealous of your paintbrush holder - I keep mine in an old, paint spattered mason jar.

  5. So glad you stopped to see!! what a beautiful view!
    your paint brush holder is awesome!

  6. I used to be the same with mountains. Every once in awhile I remembered just where I lived and took a moment to truly appreciate it. Here? Not much beauty in the winter. I know some would disagree with me, but it's honestly how I feel. I miss seeing the ocean just a drive away and the mountains out my back door.
    That paintbrush holder is gorgeous. And I agree that the cracks just make it more beautiful. Enjoy your day out, especially at Joanns.

  7. Those "cracks" in the holder give it such character. It turned out beautifully.

  8. What a calm scene! Love the finished vase, it has so much character!


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