Sunday, January 16, 2022


When talking to my Mom the other day, she reminded me how her sister retaught herself to hold the crochet hook with her right hand (it was a stroke that had removed her ability to use it) 
and she learned how to manipulate the yarn with her left hand
 to move it around the stable hook !
  It sparked an idea and I began to play around with my style
 and sure enough, I could knit by holding the yarn in place
 with my right hand and let the left hand to all of the work! 
 It was so good to knit again!
My hand is hurting less but the bruises are appearing on the top and new ones on the underside, blooming from my thumb! 
 I'm figuring out how to do a lot of things with my left hand 
but any two-handed jobs still stump me! 
 Give me some time and I hope to conquer even more !

  Church is a virtual gathering tomorrow as we still have many sick;  most are well after a week as I was. 
 A mild flu I would say except many are testing positive for Covid but they are not losing taste or smell like the first round.
Interesting to note the changes.



  1. Ouch! That looks like it really hurts.
    My great grandmother was in a wheelchair very, very crippled from arthritis from a young age and it was amazing what she could do with those poor bent hands of hers. She would weave on a little loom all day and made the most beautiful afghans. My sister still had a couple of them and the quality of the work is amazing considering her disability.

  2. Two of my friends fell a couple of weeks ago. Is it something in the air? Actually, here the issue was black ice. One broke her arm and another cracked a kneecap.
    Your adaptation to allow knitting is so clever. I think a broken/injured arm would be the worst!

  3. I don't know if I could do that but I'm sure glad you figured it out. We had about 1/3 of the normal amount of people at church and it's not a big gathering to begin with. So many people are sick. This new variant is so different from the first one and Delta too. It doesn't seem to be quite as bad but I still don't want it.
    Take care and get better my friend.
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. Wow, you really did a number on that arm of yours. Good work figuring out a way to knit...what is it you're making? It looks like fun yarn. Our church had a different schedule today also because so many of the staff were sick. Covid seems everywhere now sadly. Hope your arm improves daily! Hugs!

  5. It's good to be adaptable, but remember not to push it either!


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