Friday, January 28, 2022


I decided to try a simple  hat with very little manipulation required so I could go easy on my left hand!  In no time, 
I had the hat made 
and only had to slap my right hand down to my lap a few times!
I sewed up the back seam and added a puff ball later in the day.  I found that if I apply my Aunt's technique of holding the needle or hook anchored in my right hand, I can make the left hand dance around it to accomplish the job!  In this way, I can play with yarn and still be mindful of the broken radius!
I also pieced another placemat
 in the red/white/blue fabric combination.
And finished placing the squares up on the design wall 
for a lap-sized quilt. 
 It was fun to play around with the limited color palette!


  1. Cute hat! Glad you have found a workable solution.

  2. You are amazing! I tried using my left hand in spirit with you.... and I failed!! Love that hat!!
    those placemats are so cute too!!!

  3. Nice hat! I am impressed that you figured it out with your other hand. It took me a while but I figured it out also when I had my thumb in a brace that time I slammed it in the car door. I somehow managed to figure out how to knit lace of all things with only four fingers. I think we all have talents we don't know we have until something like that comes along.

  4. Kudos for conquering the challenge! The hat looks great.

  5. The purples in your new quilt are pretty.

  6. Nice! You can't keep a good gal down!! You go girl!

  7. You know, it might not be a bad thing to get adept at using the non-dominate hand, so in case I am ever in this position! Hope everything is continuing to heal well, what I wouldn't give for ice cream right now!! Trying to avoid all sweets is killing me. LOL!

  8. You continually amaze me with your skills. The hat and placemats all turned out great. I probably would be sitting with some good books in your position.
    Take care.


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