Thursday, January 20, 2022


After a slow morning, I decided to try my hand 
at acrylic paint pouring!  I mixed and measured several colors 
that are some favorites.
I tapped in push pins to the back of my canvas
 to raise it off the surface of the table,
 then leveled it by adjusting the pins.
I forgot to take a pic of the first one's start; but basically you pour on paint and tip the canvas this way and that to cover the top and side--- this is super messy but lots of fun!
   I made the usual rookie errors in mixing--too much water
 but I will be picking up some more paint and trying again!
It reminds me of the paper dipping I used to do
 with acrylic paint on the water's surface.
Did any of you try that in your youth?!
I did look at a very interesting artist who uses these paint pours as a  background for her 'real' paintings after it dries. 
 I am going to do that but it does require up to a week 
to let the canvas to dry. 

I had to have help from Bill to put the rubber glove over my brace! But even so, I had paint everywhere!  I do not like being sticky so it was a bit of a trial but I can see why people love doing this!



  1. That looks really interesting. I'm so bad at anything artistic, but I did do two of those wine and paint classes with friends and had passable results. Because I was TOLD exactly what to do! Ha!
    I'm glad you were able to do some painting though.

  2. Fun! I love watching videos of people doing that. I am amazed at what they can come up with just by pouring paint.

  3. That is really cool! I can picture some very cool artwork with this as the background…

  4. I'm intrigued .....can't wait to see your painting ON the painting.

  5. Fun idea! Using that as a background to a painting will bring out your creative skills even more. Enjoy.

  6. Used to do the marbling effect with my kindergarten kids when I was teaching. I like watching Alisa Burke's journal videos -- she always starts with color layered backgrounds and then beautifully doodles all over them. Enjoy the process.


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