Monday, January 10, 2022


When I am in bed *sick, I like to knit dishcloths 
because I can lay flat on my back to do so!
I tried to make a new idea but it didn't work out 
and I ripped it out--it was seed stitch
 and some partial rows to make it color blocked. 
 It worked almost but the seed stich was a misery. 
 I will try it again when I can think better.

 *we are thinking the omicron virus.  I feel like I have a head cold /sore throat .and am running a fever. I've already had Covid so I am not terribly ill but just not up and out of bed.  A few days of rest and I should be bouncing back, Lord willing.


  1. So sorry to read that you are poorly :(. Hoping you get better very soon and that if it is the Omicron variant, it's a very mild dose. Amazing you an even think about knitting ... Such pretty colours for your dishcloth.

  2. Hope you are feeling much better by now. I find seed stitch to be so slow going for me!

  3. Sending lots for good thoughts for a speedy recovery. My brother's whole family had it. My brother got it the worst, but was only bad for a couple of days. The girls mostly just had the sniffles, but they stayed quarantined.

  4. My one year old grandson has Omicron and now so do his parents. They all had Delta in September so this is not good news. They keep taking him to daycare and he keeps getting sick. I've been worried sick about it all week. Between him and the newborn Grand it's not been the best of times for my poor nervous system. Daughter got read the riot act by the hospital docs and her pediatrician about letting anyone near her or the baby during this surge so that's another heart breaker. No snuggles for me any time in the near future but better safe than sorry.
    Feel better soon!

  5. I'm so sorry that you're sick. You poor thing. I'll be praying that you'll soon be well. I don't know how you can knit when you are laying down. I've never mastered that.

  6. So much beauty being created in your world! The new sock method is intriguing, but not enough to bring me back to sock knitting! LOL. I still need to get my scraps in the mail to you.

  7. Your knitting is so pretty
    I do not like that you aren't feeling well!!! Heal fast!!!

  8. Hope you feel lots better real soon. I like to knit dishcloths, too, but not lying down! You are amazing!


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