Thursday, January 27, 2022


A friend had given me a bunch of 5" squares for piecing; 
 I've permission to use my fingers more but not my hand yet,
 so I thought of those blocks just waiting
 for someone to piece them together!
I am going to make a few placemats to get me into the swing of things-I can't do any rotary cutting but I can use these blocks already cut.  I sewed them together easily enough.  The iron was interesting because my right hand kept trying to barge in
 but I got it eventually! 
 It might not be much, but it was sewing!


  1. Have to keep the crafting part of your brain going along. Good choice. You'll have some lovely mats for the Fourth of July (or Memorial Day).

  2. You need to keep some precuts on hand! Of course, you almost always need to cut something at some point, precuts or not!

  3. I had to put my arm in a sling when I had my thumb in a brace to keep from using it. It's a struggle. I was just thinking I needed to make some placemats but then I went in my wreck of a sewing room and changed my

  4. I don't know how you do it! I don't sew that well with two perfectly working hands! It's a beautiful placemat and you'll be all ready for the summer holidays.


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