Saturday, January 8, 2022


Sweet corn is showing up in the stores and fruit stands! 
 I do love our fresh vegetables almost year round!
Here are a few of the items I purchased with my gift cards
 the other day--
And I learned a new way to make socks on the knitting machine without any (well a bit at the ribbing) seaming! 
 It is a genius way to make socks and in an hour, 
I had a sock made and had begun the second sock! 
 The stripes look like patchwork with this construction! 
 You begin with half the circumference stitches,
 knit from the ribbing to heel to foot to toe
 and then up the top of the foot back up to the ribbing-
joining the sides as you go!  
I like to learn how to do something new to me!


  1. Fresh corn is such a treat in winter! We're in the deep freeze up here and it's pretty miserable. I don't know what's worse the wet heavy snow from it being too warm or the bitter cold.
    That sock is just the cutest thing. I love what the stripes did. Is that a paint by number kit? The Mister has been having a terrible time finding any that he likes. He's ordered them from several places and didn't like the paint. I've been tempted to get one for myself because they do look like fun and the results when you get a good one are amazing. Daughter framed one of his and it's stunning. You'd never know it was a PBN.

  2. Yum! Zellwood corn was so delicious.

    Have fun knitting socks on the machine. That should bust the stash quicker

  3. It's deep winter here and the thought of fresh sweetcorn is mouthwatering ... How amazing to be able to knit socks so quickly! I love the patchwork effect.

  4. That's a very intersting sock! That corn looks delicious!

  5. Love sweet corn and anything you make with it.

  6. That's an interesting and unusual sock. You will soon have all of your sock stash knitted and being worn if you knit them that fast with the machine! :-)
    Sweet corn! All we can get is the frozen stuff in the freezer section at the grocery.
    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday.

  7. Fresh corn! You are so lucky. The mountain passes here have been closed thanks to our recent snow, and the last time we were at the grocery store lots of shelves were pretty empty. A couple of the passes are supposed to open today which should allow the trucks that have been stuck finally get to their destination. Enjoy that corn for me!


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